Thursday, August 17, 2006

An Oldie but Goodie

Leave and Up
2002-02-22 / 5:19 p.m.

I love it furious! The platform at Lupo's = our jam back in the day! "I'd rather be alone than unhappy!"-sang by me to Mark across the dancefloor on behalf of Sarah.

So many good times. We'll ahve to see if this whole 21 thing we waited our whole lives for is going to add up. If anyone starts dropping N-bombs like it be Hiroshima up in this piece, I know it will.

Stirring it up with Danny and droppin' N-bombs like it be Hiroshima. Providence, I miss thee. Where is the club you can jump into a pool with your pager on? Where is the ghetto music thursday night at Lupo's? Oh well. New haunts are required for this crew.

Bienvenido a Providence

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Watching Laguna Beach

So I'm drizzy and watching LB. Some of my good friends will never understand my obsession with these priveleged Whiter-than_White California Teens. They are who I always wanted to be minus their brain cell content.
I mean how many Merit Scholars could there be in there? I know, I know, I was no merit scholar BUT I think sometimes that Kristin embodies some of my primitive high-school emotions. In all honestly I watch this show not for the prom proposals, the realtaionship battles or the clique in-fights (though such an added bonus); I watch for the renewal and affirmation of female friendships (only b/c the tv show excludes the gay friends and their role in high school, which is vital and pivotal to many girls in h.s.).

The way the boys treat the girls on the show is so totally disgusting and the fact that the boys won't even dress up for Prom? Deplorable. But I love it when Kristin, Lex and Jess wlll hug and take a picture together, signifiying the friendship between them. [I was drunk live-blogging this from MTV On Demand saturday night. word - Ed.]

When US weekly featured the trio together, I knew I wasn't alone. Because someone else out ther remeembered what it was like to be 17 and going to Prom. It wasn't just a great feeling. It was like your deb ball, your adult night out. That's what adults do, right? Get dressed up for dinner and dancing? Well, they used to anyways, and I still do.

My sophomore year I was asked to junior prom and I was so honored. Maybe it is blaze. Maybe I am out of touch with the Prom's role in H.S. today. But I loved every minute of the proms I attended. They were times I will always cherish (BIg Ups to Lisa Van Rompay)!!!!

Anywas. LB- the girls are so "us" at 19. And by us I mean triumveratre+1. And if you're already drunk and realzing your power at 17, what hope do you have for 21?

Maybe then you don't get cream in your face from your oldest friend at the Hard Rock on your 21st. And that's where these girls fail. Not one of them are still friends. I love how Kristin realizes the high schoolness of it all (in the way I reaized it). It's your innocence squelched. blotted.

But if innocence is relegated to "i better get some D" then I support. Because Third-Wave feminism is what I'm into. THe sunny shores of LB never realized the feminist or pragmatic impiications of my homegirl Kristin. And she is a Sarah S. kind of girl. and that makes me love her forever.