Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finals and WHAT!

Finals are done. So not cool. Right now I'm watching the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Too bad Road Rules got cancelled 3 years ago. Before this I watched the office and 30 rock. 30 rock might be the most underrated show on tv. Possibly ever. I'm not that familiar with television history so I'm not the one to say that, but the layers of the human condition that were revealed in one 30-minute episode from feminism to racism to economics to politics to romance and relationships was something I've never encountered in a TV show before (even my favorite SATC- it took them 6 seasons to conquer all those issues!)

Anyway, that commercial where the guy is asleep in bed and his phone rings and he answers it and he says "I was so high last night. You know that wasn't me, right?" That was me last saturday. I'm surprised my back didn't break multiple times. I am still ashamed and embarassed especially after meeting all of Sarah's great and intersting friends. Do you ever wonder: When am I ever going to grow up? I'm sure you do. But, I'm a bigger drunk than you (whoever is reading this). I just am. Face it.

Anyways thanks for reading this far. This was a real boring blog post. And I didn't even talk about how my mangager got fired from work and Christmas? Don't even get me started!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

You Better BLOG!

So I never blog. Right now I'm taking 5 classes and working an average of 20 hours a week. I'm up at 6, home at 9 I flop into bed at 11; there's really no time. This morning, however, I had to move mountains to borrow a car so I could attend Blogtoberfest tonight. Hence I am at work at 8:10 (I got here at 7:36) and have time to muse.

So I think the whole blog thing is great...until people take it seriously. I mean, how could you possibly think you're in an exclusve club of techies or intellectuals when Fred Durst has a blog? It's just so...ordinary. I think blogs are a great equalizer in terms of the way people discern information from the internet (i.e. search engines USED to treat them just like legit websites), but seriously if anyone comes at me tonight with "I blog therefore I am" it is on.

In other not-so-bitter musings, the whole work/school agenda is keeping me from my former social self. I realized last night when I couldn't sleep from excitement of the blogfest, that I hardly ever get to go anywhere nowadays. And when I do, I end up going for appetizers/drinks/lunch and overdrawing my account. Thereby negating the good time I had by throwing me into a poor mood (literally).

Seriously, I feel like I'm working just as hard if not harder at this job (granted I don't have to lift filing cabinets or move desks) but am paid less than half what I used to make and no benefits. I love all the people and everything, but I just kinda wish either the pay was better or the work was less. Maybe I am being a big baby. I need to pull the resume out. God I effin' hate looking for a job.

Note: The forst week of school, they had a spread in Donahue (Work Suffolk!) of coffee, donuts, and delixious things one morning. I stopped by and was asked to take a survey of about 20min. in duration, for which I would receive a $10 gift card to the bookstore. The test was psychological and I was found to have mild suicidal tendencies. I was offered counseling and everything, but none of the times fit into my schedule (one of the things that was "stressing me out" was my hectic schedule). Reading this blog entry I now see what the psychologist was talking about. Clearly, I need to just grow up, do my work, and shaddup about it. Oh well. As for the giftcard? I bought the latest Laura Weisenberger chicklit novel, "Everyone worth Knowing" and read it on the train ride home. I felt morally superior to most of the characters which helped with my self-esteem, and called it a day.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dinah Shore Buttons & Bows

This weirdo version of B&B is dedicated to the one & only Sarah Stewart. A song one can hob-knob with politicos too!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

An Oldie but Goodie

Leave and Up
2002-02-22 / 5:19 p.m.

I love it furious! The platform at Lupo's = our jam back in the day! "I'd rather be alone than unhappy!"-sang by me to Mark across the dancefloor on behalf of Sarah.

So many good times. We'll ahve to see if this whole 21 thing we waited our whole lives for is going to add up. If anyone starts dropping N-bombs like it be Hiroshima up in this piece, I know it will.

Stirring it up with Danny and droppin' N-bombs like it be Hiroshima. Providence, I miss thee. Where is the club you can jump into a pool with your pager on? Where is the ghetto music thursday night at Lupo's? Oh well. New haunts are required for this crew.

Bienvenido a Providence

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Watching Laguna Beach

So I'm drizzy and watching LB. Some of my good friends will never understand my obsession with these priveleged Whiter-than_White California Teens. They are who I always wanted to be minus their brain cell content.
I mean how many Merit Scholars could there be in there? I know, I know, I was no merit scholar BUT I think sometimes that Kristin embodies some of my primitive high-school emotions. In all honestly I watch this show not for the prom proposals, the realtaionship battles or the clique in-fights (though such an added bonus); I watch for the renewal and affirmation of female friendships (only b/c the tv show excludes the gay friends and their role in high school, which is vital and pivotal to many girls in h.s.).

The way the boys treat the girls on the show is so totally disgusting and the fact that the boys won't even dress up for Prom? Deplorable. But I love it when Kristin, Lex and Jess wlll hug and take a picture together, signifiying the friendship between them. [I was drunk live-blogging this from MTV On Demand saturday night. word - Ed.]

When US weekly featured the trio together, I knew I wasn't alone. Because someone else out ther remeembered what it was like to be 17 and going to Prom. It wasn't just a great feeling. It was like your deb ball, your adult night out. That's what adults do, right? Get dressed up for dinner and dancing? Well, they used to anyways, and I still do.

My sophomore year I was asked to junior prom and I was so honored. Maybe it is blaze. Maybe I am out of touch with the Prom's role in H.S. today. But I loved every minute of the proms I attended. They were times I will always cherish (BIg Ups to Lisa Van Rompay)!!!!

Anywas. LB- the girls are so "us" at 19. And by us I mean triumveratre+1. And if you're already drunk and realzing your power at 17, what hope do you have for 21?

Maybe then you don't get cream in your face from your oldest friend at the Hard Rock on your 21st. And that's where these girls fail. Not one of them are still friends. I love how Kristin realizes the high schoolness of it all (in the way I reaized it). It's your innocence squelched. blotted.

But if innocence is relegated to "i better get some D" then I support. Because Third-Wave feminism is what I'm into. THe sunny shores of LB never realized the feminist or pragmatic impiications of my homegirl Kristin. And she is a Sarah S. kind of girl. and that makes me love her forever.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i love tween movies

Anyone want to see Just My Luck when it comes out? I think it looks os cute! And I love Lindsay- she will always give you poses on the red carpet which I love.
WOrk, Linds!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Whitney is SO smart

And she aint take nothin' from nobody- Even Bobby!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

To all my Bicthes

This is my favorite new Internet video. Have a Happy Weekend Bitches!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oprah = Bawling

I originally sat down at the computer mid-Oprah Winfrey Show (now called just Oprah) to slag her. Just a little. Yesterday was a repeat of her "20th Anniversary Follow Up Show" and I was annoyed at how disconnected she now is from people. She is a freaking BILLIONAIRE. I mean at one point she wished some guests "Happy Family!!!" Um...haven't you been broadcasting for 20+ years? Then don't talk like I would if forced to host a talk show. I'd be wishing people "Good LIFE to you!" It was funny. But then in the next segment she showed this guy who had lost 300 lbs. and she talked about how when their eyes met and he thanked her, she felt it in her soul. And I was bawling. You know that cry you do when you're body is shaking violently but you make no noise and you're not even breathing? Yeah it was like that. And it's so ridiculous, I know, but to feel that validation of your existence. God. She is a force of nature. Work, Oprah!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quite Possibly the Greatest Blog Post Ever

...For fans of Reality Tv/Friendster/Gay Dating Culture (are there fans of that last one?). But I digress. I don't know this man, but if I ever live/visit Los Angeles (again) I will desperately search him out every time I'm in West Hollywood. I myself actually met "Sven's" pseudo-life partner "Bif" in Provincetown 2 years ago and so feel a deep and personal connection to this story. But whilst "Sven" is basically everything you'd expect (and more), "Bif" just kept asking me if I thought his date was "hott" (i.e. "Is he hot enough for ME?") Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

My Favorite

And BIG shout outs to Sarah. Get Well Soon Miss Woodhouse! Love Always, Harriet Smith.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Everyday Women. Reinventing Their Lives.

Today I want to talk about a TV obsession of mine. And that obsession is "Starting Over" (SO).

SO is quite possibly a show made just for me. I mean, televised therapy? Televised? How, in any way could this possibly be taken seriously? And yet, I absolutely believe in it and think I should move into the house with the girls. I want Rhonda to confront my childhood demons and Dr. Stan to set me straight but more than anything, I want Iyanla to be my Life Coach.

Because when she told my favorite SOG (Starting Over Girl) Jill that she single-handedly dismantled the stereotyoes of African-American women, I bawled. Actually, I cried through the entire episode of Jill's graduation (When you're cured, they graduate you in a way-cheesy ceremony). I wanted to dismantle sterotypes! I wanted to face that which is holding me back! Release my anger! See myself as I am! I am a strong confident women worthy of Love!

And Jill, girl. I am rooting for you out there in big, bad L.A. I'm gonna leave you with my ultimate seal of approval: WORK JILL!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm Miss Bates.

This is me today:

Poor and unmarried. I hope you all remember this when you're in your big Highbury homes and remember to take pity on me. Just remember I'm quite prideful and will take any digs at my personality very, very harshly.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Allright, let's get down to brass tax. I'm here now, let's do this.

So, first and foremost I suppose I should tell you all about what has been consuming my brain since Saturday. Of course it's a boy ("mrs. walker, it's a boy"). No seriously, I am at a loss at the moment. Maybe y'all can help.

So, Let me set the scene: Club Cafe, 2006. A Young man walks outside with his friends (dressed impeccably in a brown suede blazer and dark denims). He spots a boy who made a "funny" comment earlier. Well, here's the thing, he commented on my back brace. See, (god- gay stories get so overly complicated) I was talking to this other guy Matt(who was too good-looking and pulled together for me) and said I had broken my back, when this dude and his gurl walked by and shout "Oh My God You Broke Your Back!!!!" Well I was mortified. I did that thing I tend to do where I get all red and my voice gets high (well, even higher) and embarassed. He immediately says he's kidding smooths it over and leaves. Whatever. I keep talking to Matt who clearly is not that nice. Time passes and I leave the bar. Outside as we're leaving, my friends are saying goodbye to people (they know like every third person in there- love that; makes me feel popular by association) and I spot "Brokeback Comment" Boy. So I approach to introduce and we find out we have the same name. Anyways he's an optometry student and my friends works at his school and he lives outside of Boston. All interesting things. So I said "Oh we should have lunch". This is the sort of thing I just say to people. It's not that I don't mean it- It's just my way of saying "We should hang out- time & date TBD". Such is not the way works and so my dear Andy asks me to take my number.

So on Tuesday when I call, He claims to not remember me. Well a vague rememberance which is fine. No one knows that game like me. I have woken up on the morning after with phone numbers of people I have no recollections of. People have come up to me in the street with knowledge of my whole family and I have no idea who they are. What I'm saying is, I'm a big drunk too. Work it out. Do your thing. So anyways we get to chatting, and inevitably we get off the telephone and go to IM. Which is OK at first because my cell phone sucks. But you know the drill, you sing on and get 16 IMs from old friends. And for a poor typer like me, it is just overwhelming. So, we become friends on Friendster and Myspace. All cool. But I am not IMing well, and I don't know. I suddenly get intimidated by him. I think pictures on Internet friend/date websites speak volumes. I have 3. And they're mostly of me and Miss Sarah. But he's got all good-looking friends and he's basically in Medical School. And the crazy thing is, I was not even interested- I thought oh, a fun new friend. But I think, ultimately this post is too long and I don't want to go on.

Let's just say this: My game's so tight my back can be broken and I still got it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

is this WORKing?

Am I figuring this out? Why is this so GD hard for me?

I wanna cry.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


How does this work?