Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finals and WHAT!

Finals are done. So not cool. Right now I'm watching the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Too bad Road Rules got cancelled 3 years ago. Before this I watched the office and 30 rock. 30 rock might be the most underrated show on tv. Possibly ever. I'm not that familiar with television history so I'm not the one to say that, but the layers of the human condition that were revealed in one 30-minute episode from feminism to racism to economics to politics to romance and relationships was something I've never encountered in a TV show before (even my favorite SATC- it took them 6 seasons to conquer all those issues!)

Anyway, that commercial where the guy is asleep in bed and his phone rings and he answers it and he says "I was so high last night. You know that wasn't me, right?" That was me last saturday. I'm surprised my back didn't break multiple times. I am still ashamed and embarassed especially after meeting all of Sarah's great and intersting friends. Do you ever wonder: When am I ever going to grow up? I'm sure you do. But, I'm a bigger drunk than you (whoever is reading this). I just am. Face it.

Anyways thanks for reading this far. This was a real boring blog post. And I didn't even talk about how my mangager got fired from work and Christmas? Don't even get me started!!!