Thursday, September 20, 2007

This article on Lower Back Tattoos is hilarious. I feel bad for the preggers women, but a little satire on a Thursday never hurt anyone.

So I haven't been posting since way back. School's just been crazy and since I've been single I've been partying it up (August is a blur) and being a big whore. But it's been fun to see my friends, go dancing every week at Avalon with Chris & Danny, and just generally turn off the Lit Crit section of my brain and give in to the part that's only concerned with gossip & drinking.

But now school's begun. And it's kicking my ass. Literary Satire is a great class- we read a lot of Onion articles. And British Writers of the 1920's? Modernism at its very best. My favorite class, however, is History of Furniture & Architecture I Ancient-18th Century. I can't wait to get to the Federal period (whihc apparently will eb the last week of class), but still the Roman baths and Greek temples are fascinating in their own right. Makes me miss Europe a little.

I guess there's not much else to report. This weekend I plan on seeing my friend amy tomorrow after work, getting beers at the 21st Amendment (anyone else want to join?) and Saturday is Diana's birthday. I need a break from Avalon for a least a week, cause GURl, it is too much DRAMA!