Thursday, October 19, 2006

You Better BLOG!

So I never blog. Right now I'm taking 5 classes and working an average of 20 hours a week. I'm up at 6, home at 9 I flop into bed at 11; there's really no time. This morning, however, I had to move mountains to borrow a car so I could attend Blogtoberfest tonight. Hence I am at work at 8:10 (I got here at 7:36) and have time to muse.

So I think the whole blog thing is great...until people take it seriously. I mean, how could you possibly think you're in an exclusve club of techies or intellectuals when Fred Durst has a blog? It's just so...ordinary. I think blogs are a great equalizer in terms of the way people discern information from the internet (i.e. search engines USED to treat them just like legit websites), but seriously if anyone comes at me tonight with "I blog therefore I am" it is on.

In other not-so-bitter musings, the whole work/school agenda is keeping me from my former social self. I realized last night when I couldn't sleep from excitement of the blogfest, that I hardly ever get to go anywhere nowadays. And when I do, I end up going for appetizers/drinks/lunch and overdrawing my account. Thereby negating the good time I had by throwing me into a poor mood (literally).

Seriously, I feel like I'm working just as hard if not harder at this job (granted I don't have to lift filing cabinets or move desks) but am paid less than half what I used to make and no benefits. I love all the people and everything, but I just kinda wish either the pay was better or the work was less. Maybe I am being a big baby. I need to pull the resume out. God I effin' hate looking for a job.

Note: The forst week of school, they had a spread in Donahue (Work Suffolk!) of coffee, donuts, and delixious things one morning. I stopped by and was asked to take a survey of about 20min. in duration, for which I would receive a $10 gift card to the bookstore. The test was psychological and I was found to have mild suicidal tendencies. I was offered counseling and everything, but none of the times fit into my schedule (one of the things that was "stressing me out" was my hectic schedule). Reading this blog entry I now see what the psychologist was talking about. Clearly, I need to just grow up, do my work, and shaddup about it. Oh well. As for the giftcard? I bought the latest Laura Weisenberger chicklit novel, "Everyone worth Knowing" and read it on the train ride home. I felt morally superior to most of the characters which helped with my self-esteem, and called it a day.