Monday, March 20, 2006

Everyday Women. Reinventing Their Lives.

Today I want to talk about a TV obsession of mine. And that obsession is "Starting Over" (SO).

SO is quite possibly a show made just for me. I mean, televised therapy? Televised? How, in any way could this possibly be taken seriously? And yet, I absolutely believe in it and think I should move into the house with the girls. I want Rhonda to confront my childhood demons and Dr. Stan to set me straight but more than anything, I want Iyanla to be my Life Coach.

Because when she told my favorite SOG (Starting Over Girl) Jill that she single-handedly dismantled the stereotyoes of African-American women, I bawled. Actually, I cried through the entire episode of Jill's graduation (When you're cured, they graduate you in a way-cheesy ceremony). I wanted to dismantle sterotypes! I wanted to face that which is holding me back! Release my anger! See myself as I am! I am a strong confident women worthy of Love!

And Jill, girl. I am rooting for you out there in big, bad L.A. I'm gonna leave you with my ultimate seal of approval: WORK JILL!


Brandon said...

Is that trashy woman with the raccoon eye makeup still on there?

Natalie said...

a year or so ago (or longer) there was this woman on there who gave up her child for adoption a long time ago and (b/c i'm adopted myself) every time i saw that woman i just bawled.
i seriouly had to stop watching that show--it was making my eyes puffy.