Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oprah = Bawling

I originally sat down at the computer mid-Oprah Winfrey Show (now called just Oprah) to slag her. Just a little. Yesterday was a repeat of her "20th Anniversary Follow Up Show" and I was annoyed at how disconnected she now is from people. She is a freaking BILLIONAIRE. I mean at one point she wished some guests "Happy Family!!!" Um...haven't you been broadcasting for 20+ years? Then don't talk like I would if forced to host a talk show. I'd be wishing people "Good LIFE to you!" It was funny. But then in the next segment she showed this guy who had lost 300 lbs. and she talked about how when their eyes met and he thanked her, she felt it in her soul. And I was bawling. You know that cry you do when you're body is shaking violently but you make no noise and you're not even breathing? Yeah it was like that. And it's so ridiculous, I know, but to feel that validation of your existence. God. She is a force of nature. Work, Oprah!

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