Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quite Possibly the Greatest Blog Post Ever

...For fans of Reality Tv/Friendster/Gay Dating Culture (are there fans of that last one?). But I digress. I don't know this man, but if I ever live/visit Los Angeles (again) I will desperately search him out every time I'm in West Hollywood. I myself actually met "Sven's" pseudo-life partner "Bif" in Provincetown 2 years ago and so feel a deep and personal connection to this story. But whilst "Sven" is basically everything you'd expect (and more), "Bif" just kept asking me if I thought his date was "hott" (i.e. "Is he hot enough for ME?") Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

My Favorite

And BIG shout outs to Sarah. Get Well Soon Miss Woodhouse! Love Always, Harriet Smith.

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Sarah said...

who calls themselves "Bif" outside of the realm of the Back to the Future movies? ew!

i am back by the way. thanks so much for the well wishes, miss smith!