Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Loving Martha

So in my nasal haze, I have been perusing the internets for happy diversions for my brain. Tonight, I have been obsessed with Martha Stewart's goodbye to Turkey Hill.
I used to watch Martha's show when it first premiered in the early 90's with my grandmother. We just adored the way she hearkened back to another era, namely my grandmother's youth. Whatever people said about Martha, I always thought, "But the things she makes and shows you how to do: so brilliant." Whether or not she was a bitch to people behind-the-scenes ,we could never know, but to show people how to do something authentically, like make a terrarium? I appreciate that. I might never make that terrarium, but I appreciate that Martha is instructing me in case I ever do. (Hey- it might happen).

I think my feelings about Martha are much like Amy Sedaris'feelings about Martha: genuine admiration and affection, but i realize she's waaaaay different from me. And I love her for it.


Justine Ungaro said...

Andy Butler! I totally can't believe we have never met since I know your brother and you know my sister-in-law. :)

hope505 said...

I like Martha too! I mean, after all...she's been in PRISON and there she is on TV still doing her thanng! Dare I say it...I like her BETTER THAN OPRAH! *hahaha!*
* ; )