Thursday, April 01, 2010

File Under: Things I'd Like to Have in My Dream Office

It's no secret that I love magazines. I mean, who doesn't? But seriously, I can't get into reading mags on the internet. The pics never look as good, they're too small or too big, or not high enough resolution.

ANYWAY, I subscribe to a bunch of mags. Not least among them, Conde Nast's glittering jewels, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.


Me & My Whip. Yeah.

Every month, they are all over the heavy sell of the Conde Nast Store. So I finally got off my duff and checked it out. And it ROCKS!

This is my life.

Anyway, check out the Conde Nast Store for all your print, note card, and apparently golf-related needs (there's a lot of golfness on their site).

1 comment:

becky said...

i love your whip. also, i miss you.