Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saturdays are for Mimes and Stinky Cheeses

So this is what I did on my saturday night. I sat in an audience of a beautiful theatre and watched a man in a striped black and white costume dance around to Mika's "Love Today".

This clown's name is Weego.
Fierce lipsynching!

If there's one thing about Cirque Le Masque that I know it's that "that sh*t is fucked up". Seriously, I saw a woman flip her body completely over her head, and then pull herself off the ground just using her TEETH! It was zaniness that kept me both riveted and anxious the whole time. A good time was had by all!

Prior to this, we dined at the Rustic Kitchen, whose menu I found to have really gone down hill. When they first opened, they had a branch at Faneuil Hall which I thought was very fun. They were supposed to serve the greatest hits of Todd English's other restaurants and some rustic adaptations of classic Italian dishes (or at least that's how I perceived them). It was...good. In fact, everyone else at the table had better dishes than me (which might be why I am a bitter bitch about it). I noticed that since Todd has no input, the menu is straight up suburban restaurant fare. Baked Rigatoni (I have no idea if this was on before or not). They kept the mac 'n cheese (good call) but whatever. Who doesn't do a gourmet mac 'n cheese now? Anyway, Grilled Pears Filled with Gorgonzola? Might be the best thing I've had this year.
+= Yum!

And for good measure a picture of where I will one day sit and watch the opera at the Cutler Majestic:

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