Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I Did in Upstate New York

So, the past two weekends have been a blur of family activities. I have been meaning to be a better poster to my blog (what up New Year's Resolution: it's January 27th!)and so comes today's installment in my life.

MLK weekend I went to visit my brother in the Bronx with my parents. We left early on Sunday (around 7 a.m.) and got there around 11. First up, a tour of the Bartow-Pell Mansion right around the corner from his house in the Bronx. It was a beautiful spread. The house was built in the 1830's in a Federal style. Though they don't have any original furniture the pieces they do have are all period on loan from the Met and other reputable museums and they are just gorgeous.

The Double Living Room

The only picture they allowed me to take was in this Garden room which was originally a greenhouse attached to the house (no need to go outside to garden!) and is now used for parties.

It was mad fun. Immediately following this tour we went up to Tarrytown which is a sleepy and ritzy little hamlet 10 minutes north from Pat's house. It was where the Rockefellers and other New York rich families had their country homes. We visited the home of the Bernie Madoff of his day, Jay Gould.


I think I was the only real fan of Lyndhurst in my group. It is a completely Gothic revival manse/castle situated right on the Hudson. I thought it would be a great place to have a weekend murder-mystery weekend a la the Golden Girls!

There was also a beautiful gallery upstairs that had a very church-y stained glass window. Which had a cute little frame in it from which to view the Hudson.

For dinner that night my parents, brother and I took out my friend Diane to a cute little bistro in the Murray Hill area called Artisinal. It was so so so good! I had 4 martini's so you know I was loving it. It was great french fare and it was 1/2 way for us and Diane. It was perf!

The Dining Room

And Sunday we returned so I could so my reading. All in all, It was a fun way to spend a weekend, and I encourage any of you out reading out there to do a weekend away in the Hudson River Valley!


Caity said...

Well look who's back!

Great to see you last week... looking forward to Friday the 13th! :)

Sarah said...

So are we planning a party at the Lyndhurst or what?